sonic cleanerShenZhen Jakan sonic Cleaner company limited, located in shenzhen China, We are a leading professional manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners in China. We can supply all kinds of ultrasonic cleaners, including mini-household ultrasonic cleaners, digital ultrasonic cleaners, mechanical ultrasonic cleaners, industrial ultrasonic cleaners, customized ultrasonic cleaners and so on. Jakan sonic cleaner not only applied for industry and mining enterprise, universities, laboratory, hospital and electronic workshop assembly line ,Clock, watch, eyeglasses shop, but also can use in household, excellent effect to clean personal articles such as gold and silver jewelry, necklaces, earrings, glasses, nozzles, watches, mobile, denture, experiment and equipment…… Read more ……
digital ultrasonic cleaner series Mechanical ultrasonic cleaner series Adjustable ultrasonic cleaner series industrial ultrasonic cleaner series
                   Digital series                  Mechanical series
                Adjustable series                     Industry series