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Cleaning waste liquid classification and handling way in the PCB cleaning production


At present, the rapid development of the electronics industry, PCB electronics industry as one of the foundations. It is an annual rate of 10-20% annually. Thus becoming one of the important industries in the electronics industry, but its complex manufacturing process produces many waste and wastewater. On the one hand the PCB plant need to maintain wastewater discharge standards; on the other hand, we should consider the savings on water costs. So as to protect our environment, to avoid causing serious pollution to the environment, so the wastewater treatment plant is re-focusing of the PCB environmental protection.

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PCB cleaning effect detection methods and evaluation criteria

PCB production, processing and circuit boards design and other aspects of the system board are involved in the PCB circuit board cleaning effect detection. PCB circuit board cleaning effect on detection methods and evaluation criteria, electronic processing and circuit board engineers should follow certain standards. The following is the correct method for detecting PCB circuit board cleaning effect detection and scientific evaluation criteria:

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The Reasons Of White Residual On The PCB After Cleaning (2)

Ten reasons as follows:


1.6 Flux+ Halide surfactant residue

Halide surfactant among the flux used to improve the flux activity. However, in the welding process, and these active agent occur complex reactions with various components. The formation of the metal halide salts, usually tin, lead, copper chloride. If the board is not cleaned, cured rosin will firmly put these chlorides to wrap up. So that their activity is difficult to play. In addition to a certain extent, affect the appearance, they are mainly for highly insulating translucent material. It is not a big impact to the performance of the PCB. But once cleaned, after the rosin layer is damaged, it will show the performance of white plaques. Continue reading