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How to clean your pcb properly with ultrasonic(3)– What things you should caution ?

ultrasonic cleaners

Pay attention to the following aspects when you operate an ultrasonic PCB cleaner :

(1) Resonance phenomenon may occur for ceramic package integrated circuits, and other forms of packaging middle cavity. It may make the interior of the welded gold wire  snapped off .

(2) If the power of ultrasonic cleaning is too high, the time is too long, it may cause some damage to the fragile part.

(3) Unexpected resonance may cause some broken solder joint failure. Continue reading

How to clean your pcb properly with ultrasonic(2)–7 steps to tell you how to clean your pcb ?


7  steps

  1. First, the pcb completely immersed in the cleaning tank filled with alcohol, after the completion of the circuit board soldering, soak 5min.
  2. Pour the amount of alcohol into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, the alcohol from the wash liquid from the top edge of the tank in less than 5 cm, and then turn the power on, ultrasonic vibration 5 ~ 15 mins, to eliminate the alcohol solvent retraction gases. Because retraction of the gas will destroy the ultrasonic cavitation, thereby reducing the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning.
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How to clean your pcb properly with ultrasonic(1)–how to choose an best ultrasonic cleaner ?

pcb ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very mature technology in the industry is widely used in machinery, electronics and other fields. Cleaning circuit boards after soldering is one of the very important applications. However, there are so many manufacturers did not figure out the basic principles of ultrasonic cleaning.So there is no specification in the application side of ultrasonic cleaning technology, and even completely contrary to the principle of ultrasonic cleaning. Some manufacturers, nominally using ultrasonic cleaning, in fact, just as an ordinary immersion cleaning tank to use, because the ultrasonic cleaning process is unreasonable, the board can not be cleaned. Not only did not play a good cleaning quality ultrasonic cleaning, high cleaning efficiency advantages, on the contrary, it is possible to damage the circuit board and its components.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning–the best way to clean your print circuit board ?

PCB cleaning

Ultrasonic Pcb cleaning machine is designed for circuit board cleaning. It is more clean than manual for cleaning dirt and safe for environmental protection. This machine is very convenient and easy operation and also improving the working efficiency. Ultrasonic pcb cleaning machine is usually only suitable for large quantity of circuit board cleaning.All of the commonly cleaning solution can be used in the circuit board cleaning.

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