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What Things You Should Caution Before Operating Your Ultrasonic Cleaners ?


Before using your Ultrasonic Cleaner, please read and thoroughly understand these safety precautions. Failure to follow them may result in serious personal injury or property damage.

About working place. 

Do not operate your machine in extremely dusty areas. Dust build-up may interfere with the machine’s normal operation.
Keep ventilating louvers clean and free of obstructions. Good ventilation is required.


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How To Maintain An Ultrasonic Cleaner ?

 ultrasonic cleanerYou may have already purchased an ultrasonic cleaner because you know how efficiently ultrasonic cavitation removes contaminants from most any wettable surface. But if you didn’t,don’t worry,this tips can still  help you to learn more:

We know that Stainless steel is the preferred material of construction for ultrasonic cleaning tanks.That’s because of its high resistance to cavitation action and chemical attack by ultrasonic cleaning solutions.So,we always use a highly cavitation-resistant special 304 steel.

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Four steps to tell you what is ultrasonic power and how to choose.


Four steps to tell you what is ultrasonic power and how to choose.


STEP.1 What is ultrasoic power?

In general, we add the power of every ultrasonic transducer togather to caculate the ultrasonic cleaning system.so we can say the ultrasonic transducers supply the ultrasonic energy.

STEP.2 Four influencing factors of ultrasonic power

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