Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

ultrasonic cleaning solutions

How To Make An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Solution At Home ?


ultrasonic cleaning solution often be used in the cleaning process .it can help user to remove the oil,grease and make the tough cleaning jobs become easy.However, different items should be used the different solution .TO make an Ultrasonic cleaning solution, the detergent ingredients should be examined and make sure that the parts being cleaned will not be harmed by the extreme vibrations produced by the ultrasonic action. Continue reading

6 Tips For Using Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

6 Tips for using ultrasonic cleaning solution:


       1.Solutions are mostly used warm, at about 50–65 °C (122–149 °F), however, in medical applications it is generally accepted that cleaning should be at temperatures below 38 °C (100 °F) to prevent protein coagulation. Continue reading

How does the ultrasonic cleaning solutions works?


 Then how it works ? I will tell you two methods of cleaning – direct and indirect. and What is “direct” and “indirect” cleaning? Both have advantages and disadvantages. When in doubt, run test samples using both methods to decide which one produces the best results for you. Continue reading