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How does the ultrasonic cleaning solutions works?


 Then how it works ? I will tell you two methods of cleaning – direct and indirect. and What is “direct” and “indirect” cleaning? Both have advantages and disadvantages. When in doubt, run test samples using both methods to decide which one produces the best results for you.

———Direct cleaning

step 1—-Fill the tank with warm water and a cleaning solution.
step 2—-Put the items you want to clean in a perforated tray or basket and lower them into the tank. You can also suspend items on a wire and then immerse them in the solution.

The advantages of this method are the simplicity of operation and  cleaning effectiveness. But the limitation of direct cleaning is
that a solution must be chosen that will not damage the ultrasonic cleaner.


———Indirect cleaning

User may worry that the solutions will damage the ultrasonic cleaner .so they will place the items to be cleaned in an inner non-perforated tray or beaker, then the solution will not directly fill into the ultrasonic tank.When choosing indirect cleaning, make sure that the water level inside the tank itself is maintained to the fill line at all times.
step 1.Fill the tank with warm water and a cleaning solution.

step 2.Pour your solution into beakers or into a solid insert tray.

step 3.Place the beakers in a beaker positioning cover or a solid insert tray to fit your cleaner. Beakers should not touch the tank’s bottom.

The advantages of this method are:

1.You can easily remove soil stays in the beaker or tray and examine,filter or discard it.

2.You can use one or more solutions at the same time.
– two completely different cleaning solutions.
– one beaker or tray with a cleaning solution and one with a rinse

3.You don’t need to change your cleaning solution often.