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How Many Ways To Clean Your Fuel Injector ?







Injector is an important part of a car and direct impact on the working conditions of the engine performance.Unfortunately,this important parts is often clogged by coke deposited,dust,Gasoline vapor deposited and pectin,impurities ,so we need to clean it after a long time driving.

There is two main methods to clean your fuel injector on the market.On-car injector cleaning or Off-car injector cleaning.You can have this done at the mechanic, but you can save money doing it yourself. All you need is a fuel injector cleaning kit and a screwdriver.
The cure for a set of clogged injectors is cleaning — or replacement if they’re too badly clogged to respond to cleaning. Injectors are expensive to replace. New domestic injectors sell for $60 to $100 each, with new import injectors fetching $125 to $175 each. Injectors should only be replaced as a last resort.


On-car injector cleaning

Using the engine pressure and circulation,Replaced fuel combustion with solvent for cleaning the deposits,and then discharged through the exhaust system.Involves feeding solvent under pressure into the injector fuel rail or supply line. The concentrated solvent passes through the injectors and loosens and washes away the accumulated varnish deposits. The results are usually good, and make a noticeable difference in idle smoothness, emissions and fuel economy.

This way is convenience and for can eliminate weakness of engine, poor acceleration, improved vehicle dynamics and driving performance.But there is many kinds of solvent and different specifications on the market. poor quality fuel injector cleaner agents due to the different calorific value (usually larger, Temperature and pressure than the combustion gas mixture to the combustion gas is high, and the components exposed to mechanical loads of the thermal load increases) in the cleaning process, it is easy to damage the intake and exhaust valves, pistons, cylinder walls .


Off-car injector cleaning

If your injectors are really clogged and fail to respond well to on-car cleaning, off-car cleaning using special fuel injection cleaning equipment would be the next logical option. Some of this equipment is designed to “reverse” flush the injectors so any debris that’s trapped inside the injector or above the inlet screen will also be removed. Off-car cleaning also allows a mechanic to observe the spray pattern of the injectors to make sure there aren’t any streamers or problems. Off-car cleaning is more expensive because of the labor involved to remove the injectors, but the results are usually better.

Ultrasonic cleaning is generally higher cost of this cleaning, it is different with the general injector cleaning agent, it need to remove the fuel injectors from your vehicle.
ultrasonic injector cleaner can detect the basic parameter of fuel injector like presence or absence of ultrasonic atomization, responsiveness, sensitivity of the switch, for detecting whether the oil spills,and so on.


Keeping Injectors Clean

In a word ,no matter which cleaning way,We recommend that you had better use a quality brand of gasoline that contains sufficient detergent to prevent varnish buildup.I think that is the best way to minimize or eliminate the need for injector cleaning. Most brand name gasolines today have enough detergent to do this. As a rule, premium grades usually contain a somewhat higher concentration of cleaners.
You can also use fuel tank additives to keep your injectors clean. Such products really aren’t necessary if you’re using quality gasoline. But if you’re buying the cheapest gas you can find, using an additive might be good insurance.

If your injectors are clogged, they can be cleaned with pressurized solvent, or removed for off-car cleaning.There are also fuel tank additives that claim to clean clogged injectors, but the cleaning such products do is usually minimal. So save your money and put it towards a professional cleaning.