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How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaners to Clean Your Fuel Injector?

The fuel injector is an important part of a car and direct impact on the working conditions of the engine performance.If your car starts getting lower gas mileage or the engine begins to hesitate when you press the gas pedal,i think it is time to clean your fuel injectors.There is two main methods to clean your fuel injector in the market.On-car injector cleaning or Off-car injector cleaning.
It may cost a little more but the Off-car injector cleaning is more high efficiency and clean,all you need is below:

  • An ultrasonic cleaners
  • Flathead screwdriver, socket
  • Cleaning agent (detergent or cleaning agent hood)
  • 12V DC power supply or 12V DC power adapter and homemade wires

Cleaning steps:

 injector cleaning 

injector cleaner


1.Disassemble the retaining screws from the fuel rail



2.To avoid damage the injector sealing ring,you must gently remove the fuel rail.



3 To prevent fuel pump spraying by accident, the negative battery always disconnect and
make sure that the negative line does not contact with any metal to prevent ignition circuit, causing the vehicle accident fire.


 injector cleaning 

 4.Disassemble each fuel injector from the fuel rail . 

 injector cleaning


5.Pour water and cleaning agent into the ultrasonic cleaning tank





injector cleaning 



6.operate the ultrasonic cleaners,the cleaning time according to how dirty the fuel injectors,this time usually varies from 1 to 20 minutes.If using the heating function ,it will be more fast and cleaner.




injector cleaning7.Using a homemade wires connected the injector to 12V DC power adapter,the nozzles will be opened.And then put the fuel injector into the cleaning tank one by one. For safely,you had better do not put the wire joint into the water,or you should wrap the wire joint with tape.The energizing time for each injector can not be too long,if too long,the fuel injector may be easy hot.


injector cleaning


8.Take the fuel injector out after the Cleaning finished .   


 injector cleaning

9.Reinstall the fuel injector when it is dried,you should pay attention to nozzle clamp and the location of the sealing ring during the installation.

10.Test your car.