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    Adjustable ultrasonic cleaner series introduction 

adjustable ultrasonic cleaner for many washing        Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaner is the latest models of our company publishing in the industry which this new series launching demonstrate the desktop ultrasonic cleaner brand’s technical strength :

      Adjustable Series Features

1.40 ~ 100% power adjustable, precision products for cleaning, there are unique advantages to facilitate the customers precise cleaning

2.Control circuit uses a microcomputer with memory function, it can remember the previous setting working condition and convenient for batch cleaning

3.Power oscillator circuit using the new OS, precise control of vibration frequency, and have feedback collection function, ultrasonic output is more stable and reliable

4.Thyristor power supply with power supply, it can get a lot more efficient and longer working hours

5.Ultrasonic transducer adopt more long-life aluminum structure, reduce heat, output smoothing

6.Ultrasound Timer setting is changed to one minute increase or decrease compared to the previous five minutes more humane and precise adjustment

7.the heating element is changed to pipeline heater, compared to the film heater, higher efficiency, longer life

8.Thermostatic control system using a single-bus digital acquisition IC sensors, precise temperature control and prolong heater life

9.The temperature setting is changed to the setting of one degree increase or decrease , compared to the previous five adjustment mode, the operation is more convenient, more accurate temperature control


      Installation and use introduction:

adjustable-detail-1A. Put the ultrasonic cleaning machines in the ventilated, dry work bench , pouring water to the wash tank until the horizontal distance of 35 mm tank edge , then adding the right amount of detergent or detergent .

B. The washing machine ‘s power plug connected to single-phase 220V, 10A power supply must be grounded ( three-hole plug ) .

C. The temperature control zone is on the left area of machine control panel and the right of machine control panel is the ultrasonic time setting, the specific operation as described below
D, Adjust the ultrasonic working time: when the power is turned on, clockwise rotation of the control knob on the right time , you can set the time value of work needs to be cleaned .

Loosen the knob , the machine will set the countdown begin work cleaning time until the cleaning time is out , cut off the power when the machine is not repeatable and then rotate the timer knob to set working hours, so that duplication of work for the next machine cleaning .

E,Temperature adjustment ( if necessary before choosing the heating ) : After power on , turn left temperature setting knob, if the temperature of the liquid in the tank lower than the set value , the heating system to work, when the set value is less than the actual temperature, the operation is invalid . After the heater is working for some time,the temperature of the Liquid will be arrive to the setting temperature then the heating indicator light turns off . You can set the knob to “OFF” position , turn off the heating function ( heating function does not open as much as possible , to protect the ultrasonic circuit )

F, shut down after work : The cleaning work is completed, if no further action you should press the temperature knob to “OFF”,then the heating element is also off. Ultrasonic timer knob to “OFF” position , the machine will stop working. Disconnect the power supply when cleaning fluid drained after cooling to room temperature, cleaning solution and wipe the machine .