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Ultrasonic Cleaner Purchasing FAQ


NO.1 what can the ultrasonic cleaner wash?

NO.2 Do you need a basket for your cleaning process?

NO.3 ultrasoic power and tank

NO.4 what frequency you have to choose?

NO.5 Do you need a heater function?

NO.6 Do you need a special ultrasonic cleaning solutions?

NO.7 What solutions you should use ?

NO.8 How dose the ultrasonic cleaning solutions work ?














NO.1 what can the ultrasonic cleaner wash? BACK

1. Household Application: daily use items such as gold and silver, jewelry , headwear, brooch , glasses , bracelets , pens , CDs, shavers , combs, toothbrushes , dentures, tea, etc. There bottles, teats and fruits such as grapes, cherries , strawberries, these ornaments , tools, and fruit in the cleaning , sterilization was also carried out.In addition ,the hand can also be clean and protect the skin , long-term use can keep the skin young and elastic lubrication . You can also use ultrasonic cleaner for cocktails, mellow wine , automatic mixing eggs.

2 . Glasses, optical instruments: all optical lenses, such as various glasses ( including contact lenses ) , magnifying glass , binoculars , microscopes , cameras, video cameras and other parts of the lens by ultrasonic cleaning , filling completely all the world the truth .

3 . Jade, jewelry processing industry: there is a lot of dust dirt will buildup in jade,jewelry during the process of grinding and polishing and these artifacts are often complex shape , cracks and great, the traditional cleaning methods are often unable to do it but the ultrasonic cleaner can do this better .

4 . Watches, precision instruments: With ultrasonic cleaning,you don’t have to dismantle the watches and precision instruments and remove the screws , gears, springs,bracelets one by just remove the shell , put the items into the tank with the appropriate cleaning agent ( such as gasoline ), cleaning can get a multiplier effect .

5 . Banks, offices , finance , arts and crafts , advertising , office supplies: such as printers, nozzle, needle pen , pens, brushes, nozzles , sprayers often blocked and seals are often blurred due to buildup of vermilion .using the ultrasonic cleaner can make them smooth and clear. When combined with an appropriate amount of detergent or other cleaning agents have better results.

6 . Communication equipment, appliance repair : cell phones, walkie-talkies, music players and other electrical appliances, precision circuit boards are cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine combined ethanol will get excellent cleaning result.

7 . Medical units , and institutions: a variety of medical devices such as surgical instruments, dental dentures, dental wax , according to endoscopy , laboratory beaker,test tube, mixing all kinds of pharmaceutical agents , compounds can improve efficiency and cleanliness, speed up chemical reactions and shorten the time.

8 . GIFT : every festival or exhibitions , receptions , clubs , alumni, awards will require preparatory gifts, souvenirs, prizes , ultrasonic cleaning machine with its unique product ideas , unique convenience packaging , novel the unique cleaning method , significant and multi- effect. So you don’t worry for the selection of gifts any more because ultrasonic cleaing machine can be a new generation of real gift as its multifunctional(cleaning, sterilization , skin care)



NO.2 Do you need a basket for your cleaning process? BACK
The basket has two important functions.

First,Baskets and trays used to support object in an ultrasonic cleanerand holds the parts up off the bottom of the tank , preventing inhibition of ultrasonic transmission and protecting the transducers (which produce the ultrasound) are bonded to the bottom of the tank and reduce cavitation.

Second, a tray or basket will position the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank. The tray or basket will also hold the load together and allow for easy, no-touch removal(you can easy remove the object from the tank), draining and transport of the items to the next step in the cleaning process.

If possible ,items being cleaned should never be placed directly on the tank bottom.So
we suggest that you can buy the basket because it has an effect on both ultrasonic cleaning efficiency and the lifetime of the tank.

NO.3 ultrasoic power and tank  BACK

First of all,you should choose the size of the tank

The easiest way to answer this question is to look at the thing you want to clean, measure the largest of them, and buy a matching tank. While this is the simplest way, it may not be the most cost effective. The cost of an ultrasonic cleaning tank increases quickly with it’s size, so if you only have a few large parts and many smaller ones it would be silly to buy a larger tank to accomodate them.



NO.4 what frequency you have to choose? BACK


In general,Ultrasonic frequency may be rated as Low ultrasonic cleaning frequency(20-30 KHZ), Medium ultrasonic cleaning frequency (40KHZ Around), Highultrasonic cleaning frequency(68KHZ,80KHZ,120KHZ Customizable) and MHz ultrasonic cleaning frequency.
The 40khz is the most commonly used in the cleaning machine.

NO.5 Do you need a heater function? BACK

It is a powerful function if you get a heater. It is very important and it can clean the object better and faster for you.when your ultrasonic power you choose is not much big,you can use the heater function to make up the shortfall.The tremendous energy released by cavitation will generate the heat for cleaning.

when you are removing gunk from your bike chain,car gear,screw
when you are making a experiment in the lab like extraction
when you are cleaning nozzles with grease and oil
all of these, the heater function can help you to get a more high cleaning result
But if you are removing blood, don’t use the heater at all.



NO.6 Do you need a special ultrasonic cleaning agent ? BACK

The purpose of the solution is to break the bonds between iterms and their dirt.plain water alone would not normally be effective. The primary purpose of the ultrasonic activity (cavitation) is to assist the solution in doing its job. An ultrasonic cleaning solution contains various ingredients designed to optimize the ultrasonic cleaning process.For example, reduction of surface tension increases cavitation levels, so the solution need to contain a good wetting agent (surfactant).
So i think you should get a good ultrasonic cleaning agent in your cleaning process .it is easy to use, cheap,save time and high efficient.




NO.7 What solutions you should use? BACK

water alone

water alone is the most widely and commonly use  for ultrasonic cleaing process especially in family, but in fact it is not a very efficient cleaning solution unless it contains surfactants, detergents or other additives.

Aqueous Cleaning Solutions

aqueous Cleaning Solutions are water-based solutions that do not contain hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ,so it is non-flammable,not like many petroleum-based solvents. They usually come as a concentrate that you mix with water,surfactants, detergents, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents and other components.Aqueous cleaning solutions have a large influence on the cleaning process. Correct composition of the solution is very dependent upon the item cleaned.

Organic Solvent Cleaning Solutions

The organic Solvent Cleaning Solutions contain VOCs that evaporate into the air during the cleaning process.such as Petroleum-based solvents( mineral spirits),white spirits, kerosene. These emissions contribute to smog formation and may be toxic when inhaled. Using low-VOC cleaning materials can help reduce smog, operating costs, and worker exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Organic Solvent cleaning solutions are less popular due to environmental concerns as well as
concerns for their flammability.They are popular for their quickly dissolving organic soils such as oil, grease,and dirt from parts and residual solvent on parts evaporates rapidly.but they may be toxic and affect human health and the waste solution will pollute the environmental .So We should make sure the workplace is safe and ventilation. Each solvent should be evaluated prior to its use.




NO.8 what dose the ultrasonic cleaning solutions work ?BACK

There are two methods in your cleaning process when you use the  solutions – direct and indirect. and What is “direct” and “indirect” cleaning? Both have advantages and disadvantages. When in doubt, run test samples using both methods to decide which one produces the best results for you.

———-Direct cleaning

step 1—-Fill the tank with warm water and a cleaning solution.
step 2—-Put the items you want to clean in a perforated tray or basket and lower them into the tank. You can also suspend items on a wire and then immerse them in the solution.

The advantages of this method are the simplicity of operation and  cleaning effectiveness. But the limitation of direct cleaning is
that a solution must be chosen that will not damage the ultrasonic cleaner.


———Indirect cleaning

User may worry that the solutions will damage the ultrasonic cleaner .so they will place the items to be cleaned in an inner non-perforated tray or beaker, then the solution will not directly fill into the ultrasonic tank.When choosing indirect cleaning, make sure that the water level inside the tank itself is maintained to the fill line at all times.
step 1.Fill the tank with warm water and a cleaning solution.

step 2.Pour your solution into beakers or into a solid insert tray.

step 3.Place the beakers in a beaker positioning cover or a solid insert tray to fit your cleaner. Beakers should not touch the tank’s bottom.

The advantages of this method are:

1.You can easily remove soil stays in the beaker or tray and examine,filter or discard it.

2.You can use one or more solutions at the same time.
– two completely different cleaning solutions.
– one beaker or tray with a cleaning solution and one with a rinse

3.You don’t need to change your cleaning solution often.