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Ultrasonic Cleaner Using FAQ

 — What things you should caution befor operating your ultrasonic cleaners ?    

1.To avoid electrical shock:
2.To prevent personal or property damage:
3.To prevent damage to the cleaner:
4.About Using The Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions
5.About working place.

— How to use an ultrasonic cleaners ?

— How to maintain an ultrasonic cleaners?





What things you should caution befor operating your ultrasonic cleaners? BACK 

Before using your Ultrasonic Cleaner, please read and thoroughly understand these safety precautions. Failure to follow them may result in serious personal injury or property damage.

To avoid electrical shock: BACK

  • Do not operate the machine without grounding. Maintain the grounding pin on the line.Ensure the line cord provided with your Ultrasonic Cleaning System is properly grounded.
  • Do not remove the grounding prong on the line cord plug.
  • Do unplug from power source before filling or emptying the tank.
  • Be sure to unplug the machine before moving it.
  • Keep the control panel and area around the machine clean and dry–wipe up solution which spills over the tank brim. Water and high voltage can cause electrical shock.
  • Make sure you are using the proper voltage for your machine.
  • Do not disassemble your cleaner–high voltage inside the cleaner is dangerous.This should be done by an authorized service technician.
  • Do not immerse machine in water or any other liquid. To clean the unit: unplug, rinse and wipe dry.
  • Do not operate your Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine when your hands are WET.

To prevent personal or property damage: BACK

  • Do operate the cleaner with a vented cover or no cover.
  • Avoid contact with solutions and provide adequate ventilation.
  • Avoid placing hands in the machine. Always use accessories.
  • Do not allow fluid temperature to exceed 90oC.
  • Do not place your fingers or hands into the tank while the cleaner is operating. Doing so may cause discomfort and possible skin irritation.


To prevent damage to the cleaner: BACK

  • Do not cover vents on the cover.
  • Do not operate the cleaner dry.Allowing the tank to run dry will damage the machine.
  • Do not place any objects or containers directly on the bottom of the tank.They may block cavitation, prevent proper cleaning, cause a build-up of heat in the transducers and will void your warranty. A Stainless Steel Accessory Basket is recommended.
  • Do not operate your machine at extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • Keep the inside surface of the tank clean and free of sediment.
  • Do not subject your machine to shock impact.


About Using The Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions BACK

  • Use only proper solutions for compatibility.Water-based solutions is recommended.
  • Do change your solution regularly.
  • Do not ever use alcohol, gasoline or or other highly flammable chemicals in your Ultrasonic Cleaning System. Doing so could cause a fire or explosion and will void your warranty. Use only water-based solutions.
  • Do not use mineral acid or blend in your stainless steel tank as pinholes
  • will be created.
  •  Do not use solutions containing chlorine bleach.
  • Do not touch the stainless steel tank or cleaning solution — they may be hot.
  •  To prevent solution loss through evaporation and splashing use the tank cover when the machine is in operation.
  • Operate your Ultrasonic Cleaning System with sufficient solution in the tank.
  • Do not use water alone as the carrier bath. A wetting agent,such as General Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, or Jewelry Cleaning Concentrate, is required for proper transference of ultrasonic energy
  • When using beakers or an auxiliary pan for cleaning, enough solution must be in the tank to act as a coupling agent. The beaker should be suspended just below the solution level, but 0ff the bottom of the tank. Beaker covers should be on at all times.
  • Do not let the solution level drop below 1 inch (25 mm) from the top of the tank if your machine has a heater.Failure to comply may cause transducer and/or heater damage and will void your warranty.
  • Do not use the heater without a non-aqueous base solution for prolonged periods of time.



About working place. BACK

Do not operate your machine in extremely dusty areas. Dust build-up may interfere with the machine’s normal operation.
Keep ventilating louvers clean and free of obstructions. Good ventilation is required.




How To Use  An Ultrasonic Cleaners ? BACK

1. Put the ultrasonic cleaning machines in the ventilated, dry work bench , pouring water to the wash tank until the horizontal distance of 35 mm tank edge , then adding the right amount of detergent or detergent .

2. The washing machine ‘s power plug connected to single-phase 220V, 10A power supply must be grounded ( three-hole plug ) .

3. The temperature control zone is on the left area of machine control panel and the right of machine control panel is the ultrasonic time setting, the specific operation as described below

4. Adjust the ultrasonic working time: when the power is turned on, clockwise rotation of the control knob on the right time , you can set the time value of work needs to be cleaned .

Loosen the knob , the machine will set the countdown begin work cleaning time until the cleaning time is out , cut off the power when the machine is not repeatable and then rotate the timer knob to set working hours, so that duplication of work for the next machine cleaning .

5,Temperature adjustment ( if necessary before choosing the heating ) : After power on , turn left temperature setting knob, if the temperature of the liquid in the tank lower than the set value , the heating system to work, when the set value is less than the actual temperature, the operation is invalid . After the heater is working for some time,the temperature of the Liquid will be arrive to the setting temperature then the heating indicator light turns off . You can set the knob to “OFF” position , turn off the heating function ( heating function does not open as much as possible , to protect the ultrasonic circuit )

6. shut down after work : The cleaning work is completed, if no further action you should press the temperature knob to “OFF”,then the heating element is also off. Ultrasonic timer knob to “OFF” position , the machine will stop working. Disconnect the power supply when cleaning fluid drained after cooling to room temperature, cleaning solution and wipe the machine .




How  To Maintain An Ultrasonic Cleaner ? BACK

To prolong the service life of your ultrasonic unit,we present some tips on protecting your investment in the equipment, specifically the cleaning solution tank.We’ll cover the consequences of improper operating procedures and how to spot signs of potential problems.


  • Pull the mains plug before carrying out any maintenance works!
  • Check the casing and the mains cable regularly in order to prevent electrical accidents.
  • Lime deposits on the stainless-steel tank can be cleaned gently.
  • Check regularly the grid of the air fan at the bottom of the unit(for 10L to 30L).
  • Remove dirt if necessary to allow sufficient ventilation inside the unit.
  • Residues of cleaning media can be wiped away with a household cleaner or decalcifier depending on the kind of contamination.
  • Do not put the unit in or under water!If the unit is used for medical and sanitary purposes.It is
  • necessary to disinfect the transducer tank and the surfaces regularly.
  • Regularly remove any cleaning residues, in particular metal particles and rust films.
  • Exchange the cleaning medium before it is too heavily contaminated.
  • Do not operate the ultrasound unnecessarily; switch off after the cleaning process.


About using the ultrasonic cleaning solutions for Maintenance :

1.Use suitable ultrasonic cleaning solutions, with particular caution concerning the kind of removed contamination .

2.Skimming off contaminants on the surfaces and setting aside for proper disposal.Some ultrasonic cleaners can be equipped with bath skimmers ,it would like a filters to remove hard contaminants that otherwise fall to the bottom and cause damage as described above.

3.As the cleaning time extends and results become unsatisfactory ,then the ultrasonic cleaning solutions need to be replaced .At this time the tank should be drained and contents along with any skimmed residues discarded following local regulations.

4.The tank should be thoroughly rinsed before adding a fresh cleaning solution .Do not dry the surface with towels because this may leave residues that contaminate fresh solutions.