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Industrial ultrasonic cleaner                                                   Jakansonic >Products> Industrial ultrasonic cleaner>KS-060(14L)

14L industrial ultrasonic cleaners


Model:     KS-060
Power:     360w(40-100% adjustable)
Capacity: 14L 
Function: Timer and Heater
Material: stainless steel sus304



For purposes of professional industrial cleaning, Jakansonic designed this new ultrasonic cleaning series,if your ultrasonic cleaning business is growing you may be ready to move up to this new Industrial style,as the new features below:

  • User-friendly and Easy operating panel, splash water proof .
  • Power Mechanical type turning knob :Setting options for ultrasonic power, adjustable range variable between  40% to 100%  from 140w  up  to 360w.It can help user to save time and electric in the cleaning process as choosing the correct power.
  • Timer:  Digital LCD Display shows that the cleaning period is 1 – 30 mins.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner features a heating functions,the constant temperature range from 20 to 80°C. The heating power is up to 500 w.
  • The tank unit is made by an high anti-corrosion 2.0mm  thickness stainless steel material to prevent leaks,that’s very durable and extending the lifetime of cleaning tank .
  • Multiple high-performance 42 kHz transducers and clear circuit .
  • Drainer :Turning handle  for the draining of the tank ,easy and quick to drain the liquid out .For all units.
  • The cooling system:  A high efficiency cooling fan  is  installed. For all units .

All of this functions will  help you to finish your  cleaning job,even tough .



Electronic factory,Jewelry ,Dental clinic, Restaurant.Chemical lab,Repair shop……
There are so many uses for an ultrasonic cleaner especially in auto shop or machine shop,reqair store.ultrasonic cleaning is thorough and fast ,reduces labor,increases throughput Cleans crevices, threads, blind holes, environmentally and safe fluids

For auto shop :
Ultrasonic  parts cleaning saves time by eliminating the need for manual scrubbing of auto parts covered with grease,oil, and other lubricants. Besides freeing up time, the hazardous chemicals can be replaced with biodegradable soaps.

For machine shop :

  1. Pre-treatment of parts—–In the process of surface preparation and cleaning of parts before plating, ultrasonic pre-treatment cleaning ensures the best results. Ultrasonic parts cleaning will not damage polished surfaces as it removes polishing compounds and other impurities.
  2. Degreasing of parts and tools—–ultrasonic degreasing is the most widely used form of cleaning for parts and tools.many companies have  turned to ultrasonic parts cleaning as an alternative to manual scrubbing.
  3. Refurbishing equipment—–you should do replacing, repairing or upgrading damaged components in the refurbishing an ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning these parts prior to reassembly,thoroughly removing any oils, coolants, or sludge build up.



Ultrasonic Frequency 40,000HZ
Tank Material Staninless Steel SUS304
Tank Capacity 14L
Timer 1-30mins,Digital timer
Power Supply AC 100-120V,50/60HZ AC 200-240V,50/60HZ
360W (40-100% adjustable)
Heater 500W
Unit  Size 300*240*200mm( L x W x H )
Tank Size 400*300*380mm( L x W x H )
Package Size 430*370*490mm( L x W x H )
N.W. 14.0KG
G.W. 14.0KG



arton size (pcs) mm ( L x W x H )
Carton weight (pcs) kg(gross)
cube pcs M3
20′ Container capacity pcs
40′ Container capacity  pcs
40′ High container capacity pcs