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19 L PCB cleaning


Model:     PS-70T
Power:     420w
Capacity: 19L 
Function: Timer(1-30mins)
Material: stainless steel sus304



19L PCB Cleaning Equipment  is designed by “Jakansonic cleaner”.here is some features as follow:


  • 19L ultrasonic cleaner is  a big-sized in this mechanical series,the volume is 5 gallon and the powerful transducer  is up to 420w , it’s powerful enough to remove the oil,grease and make the tough cleaning jobs become easy .
  • Timer :The mechanical type turning knob is easy operation and  convenience(1-30 mins allowed)
  • The body,cover and base is made in top steel .This sus 304 stainless steel have high anti-corrosion and anti-rust  ,very durable.
  • The most advanced Isolated-Circuit design can keep water away for extra safety.
  • The high efficiency 42 KHZ designed of wide-diameter transducer and clean circuit make sure that  the ultrasonic power is evenly distributed on the contact surface of the tank bottom.
  • Drainer : Turning handle for tank drainage at side of unit for simple get effective draining of tank. ONLY for 10L to 30L.
  • The cooling system:  A high efficiency cooling fan is  installed only for 10 L to 30 L .

All of this will help you to finish  your cleaning  job.



(1 ) Machinery Industry : antirust grease removal ; measuring cleaning ; degreasing rust mechanical parts ; engines, carburetors and automobile parts cleaning ; filters, filter drain cleaning.
( 2 ) surface treatment industry : degreasing rust before plating ; former ion plating cleaning ; phosphate treatment ; removing coking ,oxide and polishing paste ; metal surface activation treatment.
( 3 ) the instrumentation industry : high- precision parts assembly cleanliness before cleaning.
( 4 ) the electronics products : printed circuit board , spot welding ,other high-voltage electronic components and mechanical contacts .
( 5 ) the medical industry : disinfection and sterilization for utensils and other experimental medical devices .
( 6 ) the semiconductor industry : high cleanliness of the semiconductor wafer cleaning.
( 7 ) The first watches , jewelry industry : Clear sludge, dust, oxide layer , polishing paste .
( 8 ) chemical, biological industry : labware cleaning , descaling .
( 9 ) the optical industry : oil optics
( 10 ) Textile industry :  textile spindles , spinning plates.
( 11 ) Petroleum and Chemical Industry : Metal filter cleaning dredge , chemical containers, exchanger cleaning.



Ultrasonic Frequency 40,000HZ
Tank Material Staninless Steel SUS304
Tank Capacity 19L
Timer 1-30mins, mechanical timer
Power Supply AC 100-120V,50/60HZ AC 200-240V,50/60HZ
Power 420W
Heater NO
Unit  Size 325*280*280mm( L x W x H )
Tank Size 300*240*150mm( L x W x H )
Package Size 420*370*400mm( L x W x H )
N.W. 7.50KG
G.W. 8.50KG





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