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Professional Jewelry cleaning VS The home cleaning:which way you will use it?


There are two main methods you can use to wash your jewellery.

First way : You can take it to a professional jewelry cleaner,This approach has two advantages

1.the jeweler can check that the mountings and prongs are still strong. If they are damaged than
the jeweler can repair them to ensure that the jewelry doesn’t fall out.

2.the jeweler understands your diamond’s proper condition and will not just clean but ensure that
your earring,necklace or ring  are still set correctly.

we recommended that you can take your necklace or diamond to a jeweler once a year but this may be a more costly


Second way: If possible you can clean it at home .this methods can help you to save money and 

time.and the experts suggest that it is better to be careful while using it and clean it at home on
a regular basis.
1).Using Brush, Water or Soap .

Using a small soft brush and a warm solution of mild liquid detergent or mild soap and water is a
cheap and easy way to clean your jewellery. Make sure that the brush you are using is clean before
you start to scrub your jewelry. Try not to touch the jewelry with your fingers during the cleaning
2).using machine (like Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner)

<1>steam cleaner

The jewelry steam cleaner is easy use,save and environmentally , no chemicals are used in the
process just plain old water.
The steam cleaner does have a few drawbacks. Some gemstones, such as opals, can’t take the heat of
the steam cleaner. No glass, dyed, glued or porous gemstones should be cleaned either.


<2> ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Often when choosing to use the ultrasonic jewellery cleaner you will take your jewelry to a professional.

With the development of ultrasonic technology,there are a lot of ultrasonic cleaner you can find in
the market. more and more people are using  ultrasonic cleaner to clean their Household-goods
especially in jewelry cleaning .If there are a washing machines available to use at home and it is
very convenience.

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners use high frequency sound waves combined with chemicals. This solution
creates bubbles that latch on to the dirt, oil, and other contaminants tarnishing your jewellery.
The high frequency sound waves pull the contaminants off of your jewellrey. Bubbles attach to the
contaminants, collapse after they and move to the surface of the chemical solution creating what
appears to be a boiling solution.



What Not to do When Cleaning your Jewellery at Home:

These are some things you should not do when you want to clean your jewellery at home because
improper cleaning could lead to irreparable damage:


  • Don’t use harsh solutions or detergents rather than the mild ones.
  • Don’t use harsh cloths to scrub jewellery dry or to polish them.
  • Don’t expose jewelry to harsh perfumes, hairspray or other cosmetics.
  • Don’t put the jewelry in the high concentrations of bleach or ammonia.
  • Don’t put the jewelry into microwave to dry.
  • Don’t wash the jewelry directly in extremely hot water or in dishwashers and Boiling them.