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Steam cleaner VS Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (1)


All we know is

No matter steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner,they has many different types and applied to different areas . It can apply to industry,commercial ,repair store or hospital etc. will this simple to compare the both machines is not science, so we must be compare from one type and this will seem more scientific. The following contrast from home series to the use of these two machines to make a simple comparison, Just for reference

 1.Cleaning  principle

Home steam cleaner Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
This machine produce a powerful jet of very hot steam to remove the dirt from jewelry surface. The steam ejects in a very controlled manner from a small nozzle attached to the device; it’s good for directed cleaning in very specific or tight spots. Ultrasonic cleaners is a machines that use ultrasound wave and water or solution to clean jewelry at the microscopic level.After the cleaner is turned on, its motor produces ultrasonic vibrations through the liquid. These vibrations break down the dirt particles accumulated on the surface of your jewelry and remains of beauty products.


2. Working process

Home steam cleaner
steam cleaner
 Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
1) Fill with regular tap water2) Power on to quickly build steam3) When the LED light illuminates, press steam activation button4) grabbed the tweezers, picked up your ring and held it under the spout, pushed the activation button—Hot steam came blasting out. It worked!  1)placed your jewelry in the tray or basket that is provided by the seller2)Fill the tank with water and any cleaning solution that is bought from jewelry store.3)Next you turn it on and it will go through a cleaning cycle on its own. This usually takes less than five minutes. Many people do this every morning while they are in the bathroom.After it is removed from the tank it can be rinsed and dried and will look like new.



No matter steam cleaner or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is easy to use ,save time ,safe ,high efficient and enviromataly but both still have many different places

We listed some of main things below:

Steam cleaner Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner Can clean various parts of the items 1. it can clean various parts of the items or the parts with a cavity, trench and other precision parts of complex shape. It will not damage the workpiece surface
2.You only wash one item each time  2.Batch cleaning various kinds workpieces
3.For surface sterilization, clearing dust and bacteria stains, oil stains. 3.It use to clean rust, oil stain , grease,dirt 
4.No chemicals are used in the process just plain old water 4. Use water or other chemical solution .you can buy or make it yourself at home
5.In general, it use to clean small items at home such as jewelry,ring,diamond.Of course,the professional steam cleaner can do more and clean large items 5.It can clean small or bigger items at home such as:CD’s, VCD’s, DVD’s� Pen Heads (Calligraphy)
� Printer Heads
� Small Machined Metal Parts
� Ancient Coins
� Dentures
� Glasses (people will love this)
� Razor Blades
� Metal Dishware
� Infantile Articles (Pacifiers, Teething Rings)
� Toothbrushes


It is a price range , may be not very accurate but  just for reference.

Home Steam cleaner Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
Us$100-200 Us$50-200


 5.Steam cleaner VS Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner  (2)

—-Different  jewelry  use  Different cleaning machine