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Steam cleaner VS Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (2)


——–Different jewelry use Different cleaning machine 

Many gemstones can be easily damaged by ultrasound. Do not put in softer gemstones such as opals, lapis lazuli, emeralds, turquoise, etc. Organic jewelry such as pearls, coral pieces, or amber can also be damaged. Also, do not put inside your ultrasonic cleaner gemstones whose color has been enhanced through heat treatment. 

1.Cleaning Yellow Gold Jewelry

Both steam cleaner and ultrasonic cleaner can clean yellow gold jewelry
Furthermore, gold can tolerate ammonia. If ammonia is one of the ingredients in a jewelry cleaning solution, it will not cause any harm to yellow gold. If yellow gold has not been worn in a long time, it can appear tarnished. In this case, a gold polishing cloth will do an excellent job to remove the tarnish.


2.Gold Plated Jewelry Cleaning

Cleaning gold plated jewelry is just like cleaning gold jewelry.because the gold-plated jewelry is only gold on the outside,so it can also be cleaned in steam and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.


3.Cleaning White Gold

White gold is applicable in both cleaner too,but there is one exception you should caution.Don’t expose the jewelry to chlorine during cleaning or in any other instance,Chlorine will cause white gold to become brittle.
But if this happens,it can discolor, fracture under small pressure and possibly crack during a repair job. just make sure the ingredients in all jewelry cleaning solutions before cleaning white gold jewelry.


4.Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

platinum can be cleaned with either steam cleaner and ultrasonic jewelry can also see diamonds which are often setted in platinum.After the cleaning done,the jewelry will sparkle brightly.


5.Cleaning Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Jewelry

After wearing your Sterling silver every day and it will create a layer of tarnish or oxidation on the you need a special solution such as baking soda.with the boiling water,it will be more effective.
there is one things you should caution when you use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner:if the jewelry has gemstone or pearl setting inside,you should check the gemstone is allow to clean by ultrasound can read this article will tell you which gemstone can be cleaned.


6.Cleaning Gemstones

Most gemstones can be cleaned by a steam cleaner, and provided an ultrasonic cleaner has the right cleaning solution, it can be used to clean gemstones.

1)Most gemstones can be cleaned in cold, soapy water.but if you use hot liquid or steam, you should avoid sudden or extreme temperature change (thermal shock) which could fracture some gemstones.
expecially in boiling water should be avoided at should never immerse aquamarine, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, or zircon in any boiling liquid.

2)Many gemstones are quite porous; some have special finishes that can be harmed by chemicals.

3)whether the gemstone is soft,you can place the jewelry next to the ear and tapping on the stone with a toothpick. If the stone is loose, it can be heard wiggling around in the setting .If it moves in the setting, clean the piece by using a cool, liquid soap and water solution followed by a cool water rinse.or it can be brushed with a very soft brush during the cleaning process.

(Gemstone sugestion table——-This is a very detail form to show which machines should be used to clean your gemstones .You can through this link to see a  gemstone table)Steam cleaner VS Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (3)


 After they have been cleaned,your precious should be thoroughly dried with a soft cloth. Most jewelry can also be polished with a polishing cloth.So after the dirt has been removed, rinse the jewelry in clean water, and dry it with a soft cloth. These cloths are easily found and cheap. Be sure to polish the crevices around stone settings and other grooves in the jewelry with the polishing cloth. After the jewelry is polished, use a soft cloth to remove any residue left by the chemically treated cloth.



Jewelry cleaner and steam cleaning machine are great tools as your household products.Cleaning jewelry at home saves time and money. but not all machines or cleaning solutions are good for all dependents on what jewelry you want to clean or right type solution you use.Choosing the right machine or solution can clean jewelry well enough so that it can be restored to its original shine.It’s always wise to be cautious when cleaning your precious. Reading about each jewelry online can be of great assistance in choosing the right jewelry cleaning machine or solution.

for example:

  • sterling silver and silver plated jewelry need special solution to remove tarnish
  • Never expose gemstones to chemical cleaning solutions. It’s best to clean them in a cool water solution containing a few drops of liquid soap.
  • Certain chemicals do not react well with some precious metals. It’s best to research metals to find out what chemical solutions are best to use before cleaning jewelry.
  • exposing white gold to chlorine will cause it to become brittle and possibly crack or break.

 Anyway,just keep in mind to check all stone settings before placing your pieces in an ultrasonic cleaner or other machines.