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The Application of Ultrasonic Cleaners in medical instruments


Ultrasonic denture cleaner is the highest performing in the medical industry cleaning for use in dental labs, doctors’,offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics and at home.
All of these medical instrument cleaning have benefited from its fast and effective ultrasonic wave features.Ultrasonic cleaners have penetrated all areas of medicine and it’s interesting to see that they benefit not only the doctors and their staff.Often,people will use this technology at home so that they can take advantage of the same ease of use, effort reduction and time savings afforded. It have made people life easier ,so it deserves to invest.

Let’s see some specific uses for an ultrasonic cleaner in each of these disciplines to show how they benefit the practitioner and patient alike.

For Dental clinic ,hospitals and patients at home:

In the dental clinic or hospitals,ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning has become a regular practice and dentists usually used to clean dental tool,remove cement and plaster.Besides being these,it can be used to clean dentures,crowns and other prosthetic materials. An ultrasonic crowner cleaner ensures that a crown is completely cleaned before being sterilized and affixed.

All syringes must be disposed of after a single use and it is not economically feasible to replace every minor instrument. Therefore, it is necessary that all blood, tissue, saliva and debris are removed from the surgical tools. Ultrasonic cleaners utilize an intense yet gentle process called cavitation to scrub all contaminants from the entire surface of any item immersed in the cleaning bath.

In addition to using ultrasonic cleaners in their clinic and hospital, many dentists recommend a dental ultrasonic cleaner to their patients for cleaning dentures at home. An ultrasonic denture cleaner is much easier to use at home than many other denture cleaning products, which require soaking and manual scrubbing.

For surgical instruments :

Used surgical instruments are often heavily contaminated with blood and body fluids and must be completely cleaned before sterilization.Cleaning involves the removal of debris from an instrument or device. If an item is not completely cleaned, the residual debris can actually protect microorganisms from disinfection and sterilization, rendering these processes ineffective and the visible debris will interfere with microbial inactivation and can compromise the disinfection or sterilization process.


For veterinary clinic :

As a veterinarian,tools cleaning is a daily job in your clinic and using the right cleaning machine should be very important.A high efficient cleaner will help you to save time ,money and safe.Let you focus your main job.A veterinary ultrasonic instrument cleaner can be used for all their surgical and dental tools.Automated cleaning with ultrasonic cleaners is far more efficient than cleaning by hand.No hand scrubbing means improved infection control and productivity in veterinary clinics.
Besides this,ultrasonic cleaning can also be used to maintain the medical instruments and will enhances the condition of the instruments in both appearance and functionality.