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Ultrasonic Cleaning–the best way to clean your print circuit board ?

PCB cleaning

Ultrasonic Pcb cleaning machine is designed for circuit board cleaning. It is more clean than manual for cleaning dirt and safe for environmental protection. This machine is very convenient and easy operation and also improving the working efficiency. Ultrasonic pcb cleaning machine is usually only suitable for large quantity of circuit board cleaning.All of the commonly cleaning solution can be used in the circuit board cleaning.

Electrical equipment often can accumulate a lot of dust after a long time use.These dust tends to cause the device not working properly. There is a lot of information i have seen before about electrical equipment maintenance. With nothing more than to use brush tool, gas blowing or vacuum suction. We believe that these methods have shortcomings.

Brush tool—Because of the bristles are mostly made of animal hair or plastic fiber,it will produce static electricity in the process of friction. Everyone knows the electrostatic is the enemy of semiconductor components. Electrostatic may breakdown of components. So ,using the brush tool on the circuit board is not an good option.

Gas blowing—It may be effective for some dry circuit board,but is ineffective for the circuit boards of be affected with damp . Because of the damp dust tend to be more firmly stick to the circuit boards and can not be blew off. In other words, even if can blow off, but the dust particles will fly into the components of pin and Stuck in there.

For large scale integrated circuit, the pin is tight and this situation is more serious. As for vacuum suction,the situation with blowing is the same, there is also some disadvantage.

On the maintenance of instructions, it says that the dust will casue a result of printer garbled, motherboard dysfunction crashes, the display dissatisfaction screen or destabilise the hard disk.

Actually we can analysis in principle :

With the electrostatic dust particles is equal to the conductor, if the conductor is between the component pin, it may be appeared all sorts of strange fault phenomenon in the equipment. Every electrical equipment is made up of many components, the role of each component is different. So,they showing the failure phenomenon are not the same when the different places have a short circuit. So we don’t need to summarize what the fault is caused by dust.

We should think more objective understanding is : As long as the electrical equipment failure, we should put the dust into account.We will check it another place if the failure is still exist after the pcb cleaning up.

Then how to clean the dust properly ?

Make a metaphor,the dust on the circuit board is like dandruff.I think there is no one will see a guy to clean his dandruff with brush and also had not seen who will blow his dandruff with blowing or a vacuum suction . Most people will choose the water or shampoo to clean thier dandruff. This is the same way we will use in the dust cleaning on the circuit board.

According to a survey, most of the card factories, Pcb renovation are using the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Even though the production of memory chips, graphics CARDS, sound CARDS by hand  is also using the ultrasonic pcb cleaner in the small workshops.
Those used by colleges and universities, research institutes and other experiment board and small batch of industrial control equipment, are also using the ultrasonic cleaner. Only in the medium and small maintenance department, they will use the blowing or brush.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not very expensive, a small ultrasoni c cleaner used to wash the graphics card, sound card, memory, CPU, is only US$100 .And the large one used to wash the main board or the pcb of displayer,is about US$1000 to 5000.

The advantage of ultrasonic cleaner

1) High precision

Because of ultrasonic energy can pass through tiny cracks and holes, it can be applied to any shape or any complex circuit board cleaning degree. some common methods are difficult to clean the complex Circuit board with cracks and open holes. Ultrasonic cleaning is often the only way to meet the special technical requirements of cleaning method.

2) Fast and efficient

Ultrasonic cleaning is relatively regular cleaning method is much faster in terms of circuit board dust cleaning descaling. The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning can save labor force tend to make it become the most economic way of cleaning.

3) Good consistency

No matter circuit board to be cleaned is big or small, simple or complex, single or batch,on automatic assembly line, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can get manual cleaning incomparable uniformity of cleanliness.