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What Is PCB Cleaning ?


PCB (Printed Circuit Board ) is a important electronic components in the electronics industry.It is the support of electronic components and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. PCB is produced using electronic printing, so called “print” circuit board.


PCB Design

Printed circuit board design is based on the schematics, circuit designers to achieve the required functionality. Printed circuit board layout design mainly refers to the need to consider a variety of factors external connector layout, optimizing the layout of the internal electronic components, optimize the layout of metal wires and vias, electromagnetic protection, thermal dissipation. Excellent layout can reduce production costs, to achieve good performance of the circuit and thermal performance. Simple layout can be achieved by hand, complex layout needs the computer-aided design (CAD) implementation.


PCB classification

According to the circuit layers Category: divided into single-sided, double sided and multilayer boards. Common multilayer laminates usually 4 or 6 laminates, complex multilayer up to ten layers.
According to the classification of soft and hard board: divided into ordinary circuit board and flexible circuit boards.


What is PCB Cleaning ?

PCB cleaning is a very difficult thing, because there is something we can not see it with the naked eye. A lot of people mistakenly think that it is very clean, and often have problems with this. In order to extend the life of the Circuit board and improve its reliability nature, meticulous cleaning is a essential step to remove all traces of contamination (melting, oxidation) . Remove contaminants board can guarantee long life and a good time to spray protective paint adhesion. If we want to guarantee the long life of the circuit board, and no defects, then the reliability of the circuit board cleaning after soldering is absolute necessary.


  • Eliminate all ionic contaminant
  • Increase adhesion in case of conformal coating application
  • Eliminate solder micro balls
  • Reliability of the assemblies


First, for the production —- In the electronics industry, It mainly used to remove the printed circuit board after soldering flux residue, dust, fiber, metal and non-metal and its oxide debris, sweat, fingerprints , oil and other dirt. While most manufacturers using no-clean flux welding assembly, but the high-density PCB and IC foot should be cleaned,if not,it will lead the line and the IC foot adsorption dust ,once the environment humidity, it is easy to appear short circuit failure between high -density wires and the wire legs.but in the dry environment, this appearance will disappear, and such this failure is difficult to find.


Second, used to maintenance —–All of the electric products such as computers, mobile phones, electrical appliances is so easy to cover with dirt after using in a period of time.Because there is a large number of precision components in the circuit board, such as semiconductor shell seat tube, seat shell IC, Crystal shell seat, shell seat relay, seat tube and so on.

When the dust or the air humidity increased,it will cause corrosion and short-circuiting, damage components and the circuit board, so when you found the dust is increasing in your board , it is necessary to carry out cleaning and maintenance .