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What Is Ultrasonic Injector Cleaner ?

fuel injector cleaning 






The principle of auto injector

Injector is actually a precision solenoid valve. When the solenoid is energized, suction is drawn from the needle to open the spray hole, the fuel through the annular gap between the shaft of the needle and the needle jet head orifice discharge speed, mist formed, favorable combustion.

Why the fuel injector should be cleaned ?

Injector is an important part of a EFI engine and direct impact on the working conditions of the engine performance. However, many owners do not pay attention glib engine cleaning, or they think the fuel injectors need to be cleaned after a long time driving. Actually they do not know that a little clogged will seriously affect the car’s performance.

“Dirty” is actually a misnomer. Rarely are injectors clogged with dirt. Rather, they are usually clogged or restricted by a buildup of fuel varnish deposits. This reduces the amount of fuel that the injector sprays, which in turn may cause the engine to run lean and misfire, hesitate or stall.

Injectors come in a variety of styles. Early Bosch style injectors have a pintle valve and are the ones most prone to clogging. In 1989, General Motors introduced its new “Multec” style injectors which have a ball valve design and are claimed to be more resistant to clogging. Other injectors have a disc-valve design that is also said to resist clogging.

The truth is any injector can clog. Nobody’s injectors are immune to this kind of problem, but some are obviously better than others.

Problems can occur even with a slight buildup of deposits. Because the injector orifice is so small, it doesn’t take much crud to restrict the flow of fuel or to disrupt the spray pattern. For good combustion, the injectors must produce a fine cone-shaped mist of fuel vapor. Wear or deposits in the nozzle can create “streamers” of liquid fuel that vaporize and burn poorly. This, in turn, can cause hesitation, emissions and performance problems.

The reasons of the injector clogged
as below:

1.Gasoline vapor deposits left in fuel injector nozzles after an engine is shut down form hard varnish. Over time, it can build up and clog the injectors.
2.The coke deposited on the combustion engine or The impurity of the fuel injector nozzle blocked the Channel.
3.When the car had a certain mileage, the fuel system will generate some deposits.
4.Gasoline contain pectin,impurities itself or bring dust during storage and transport.These impurities will block the fuel tank,oil pipeline and other parts.
5.Added too much fuel,then the fuel will up to cylinder through the piston motion and attached in the fuel injectors, this extra fuel will form to carbon-deposited after high temperature combustion.
6.Unstable gasoline components also occur in a chemical reaction at a certain temperature, the formation of a viscous gum and resin-like material, these substances in the injector When the intake valve and other parts of the burning, it will become hard coke.

The dangers of nozzle clogging

Deposits is a great harm to your EFI car fuel system, it will affect the performance of high-precision electronic fuel injection system components.
1.Resulting in decreased engine power;
2.Coke formation will cause the intake valve in its closed lax, causing the engine idling instability;
3.Increased fuel consumption, emissions exceeding;
4.It will also form coke at the top of the cylinder head piston.
5.Due to the high heat capacity of coke and poor thermal conductivity, easily lead to engine knock; 6.Reducing TWC’s life.
Therefore, good or bad injectors,play a decisive role in each, every car owner should do a regular basis cleaning for fuel injectors.

When to clean the fuel injector ?

Gasoline additives and detergents already mixed into the gasoline you buy help reduce this problem, but they can’t eliminate it entirely. Injectors periodically need to be cleaned. Some experts recommend cleaning the injectors every 25,000 to 30,000 miles to keep them flowing at peak efficiency.When your car starts getting lower gas mileage or the engine begins to hesitate when you press the gas pedal, it might be time to clean your fuel injectors.