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What Is Ultrasonic Lab Equipment ?

ultrasonic lab equipment


ultrasonic lab equipment:

       Laboratory ultrasonic cleaner is mainly used for cleaning a variety of laboratory instruments, mixing various chemicals, cleaning dental appliances.More and more laboratories realized that an ultrasonic cleaner is very convenience and that the ultrasonic lab equipment  is gaining popularity in the recent years.To clean the lab instrument or other typical lab contaminants ,it is always a difficult job if only in manual scrubbing.Laboratory ultrasonic cleaner can easily solve all of these problem with ultrasonics. Because ultrasonic energy can penetrate the inner wall of glassware and fine cracks, holes, corners, it can be applied to any glassware or routine and critical laboratory equipment .

      An ultrasonic lab equipment  in your laboratory will save time and reduce effort while providing a safe solution for your cleaning needs.In fact,studies have shown that it can be up to 60 times faster while delivering thoroughly clean results. In addition,ultrasonic and small openings that can’t be cleaned manually. Cleanliness of laboratory vessels and instruments is critical, as any residue from a prior laboratory procedure may contaminate the next experiment, test, or process.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications:

    1. Lab instrument—lab ware ,lab untensils,lense,microscope,assemblies cleaning .
    2. Dental appliances
    3. Glassware /glass vessels—beakers,bottles, vials, pipettes,test tubes,glass lens
    4. Lab plastics wave—plastic parts from tablet and capsule manufacturing equipment. Ultrasonic lab equipment is especially effective for removing chemical residues from complex parts with crevices, small openings, and joints.
    5. Sample preparation—Agglomerated samples are dispersed and difficult to dissolve samples are solubilized in the powerful ultrasonic wave.
    6. Solvent degassing—Ultrasonic baths can rapidly degas HPLC solvents.
    7. Mixing various chemicals
    8. Pharmaceutical—Pharmaceutical labs, in particular, can employ large ultrasonic baths to clean stainless steel, Delrin, and Teflon.
    9. Lab dirt—Chemical dust,baked on grease, dirt, oil, pigments,fingerprints or other typical lab contaminants


Accessories for ultrasonic lab cleaning

     In the lab cleaning process,you need some special accessories to help you to finish your cleaning job quickly and easily, No matter cleaning lab plastic ware,glassware or mixing and emulsifying samples.Accessories for ultrasonic baths include baskets for utensils, beaker covers to position 1-2 beakers in a tank, Erlenmeyer flask clamps, acid-resistant tank liners, test tube racks, and cooling coils to protect thermally labile samples.